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Arbor Assays’ New TXB2 ELISA Kit is Here

Biomarker research is essential in advancing our understanding of various physiological and pathological processes.

With the launch of the DetectX® Thromboxane B2 (TXB₂) ELISA Kit (AR-K092-H), Arbor Assays® is proud to expand the DetectX® kit catalog to include this important biomarker. TXB₂  is a key player in platelet activation and coagulation.

The new kit will be an indispensable tool for researchers exploring cardiovascular health, coagulation disorders, and the effectiveness of anti-coagulant therapies.

Thromboxane B2 (TXB2) ELISA Kit (1 Plate) : 547,00€HT
Thromboxane B2 (TXB2) ELISA Kit (5 Plate) :  2 189,00€HT

CYTOSKELETON: Lipibright™ Fluorogeneic Lipid Droplet Probes

Cytoskeleton is proud to announce 3 new bright fluorogenic probes to visualize lipid droplets. LipiBright™ live cell probes fluoresce 300 to 1000 times brighter in an oily/lipid environment compared to aqueous solutions and effectively label lipid droplets1.



  1. LipiBright probes are photostable and possess narrow absorption and emission bands, a distinct advantage over the traditional Nile Red probe; thus, multicolor imaging is possible.
  2. These probes exhibit ideal characteristics for microscopy and have been validated with multiple techniques including epifluorescent (widefield), confocal, and two photon.



LipiBright™ 530 SMCy3.5: Fluorogenic Lipid Droplet Probe, 70 nmoles

468,00 €HT



LipiBright™ 650 SMCy5.5: Fluorogenic Lipid Droplet Probe, 70 nmoles

468,00 €HT



LipiBright™ 700 SMCy7.0: Fluorogenic Lipid Droplet Probe, 70 nmoles

468.00 €HT



1. Mayeul Collot et al. “Ultrabright and Fluorogenic Probes for Multicolor Imaging and Tracking of Lipid Droplets in Cells and Tissues” JACS. 2018 Apr 25;140(16).

InVivoMab Anti-mouse CD71

Bio X Cell's New Product — InVivoMAb anti-mouse CD71 (TfR1), clone 8D3

InVivoMab Anti-rat/mouse CD71

Bio X Cell's New Product — InVivoMAb anti-rat/mouse CD71 (TfR1), clone 0X-26